Jim's Projects!

The 3 Most Important Words...

Our philosophy at Jim’s Projects is actually very simple. The entire philosophy can be summed up in three small, but very important words. They are, Don’t tell… ASK!” And then actually listen to what the people say. From day one of wanting to do this work of helping the kids, I have always thought that this is the most intelligent and efficient way of spending whatever money we may ever have to work with. Don’t go into any situation with pre-conceived notions of what we are going to be doing to help people. Simply make an appointment with the director of the orphanage, go into their office, sit down and casually become friends with them. Laugh, spend some time seeing the place, meet the workers and the kids, and then ask that one all-important question: “If you could do ONE special project to help your kids, and you did not have to worry about what it would cost, what would that project be?” They know their kids much better than we ever could. They live there, they work there, and they know each and every child from being with them every day of their lives. They know things that we at Jim’s Projects could never know! They “live it” all day, every day, all year-round. So our “philosophy" is simply to let the people who know their kids best, TELL US what will be of greatest help and benefit to them. Then we will do our best to find a way to make that special project happen. In this way, each and every dollar will be utilized to bring about the maximum good everywhere we go, and with everything we do. Why buy the kids new computers, if they really need a new roof for the orphanage? Why buy new playground equipment, if what they really need most is new shoes, clothes, and school supplies? No one knows the most pressing needs of the kids and the orphanage like the director and the orphanage workers who see it everyday. So we will let THEM decide what is needed. That is why our philosophy is so simple, and can be summed up with only 3 little words: “Don’t tell… ASK!” Listen closely to what they say, and then set out to make that happen in the best ways that we can. It makes more sense than any other way I can think of. It can accomplish the most good, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of money wasted. I hope you will see it in your hearts to help us with this now too. It truly takes a “team effort” to make these things happen in this world. I hope you will want to be a part of our “team” now too!               Thanks everyone.   Jim.  


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