Jim's Projects!

   -Jim’s Projects for 2013 and Beyond-

In Kazakhstan: In Taraz, Kazakhstan, there is a wonderful organization called Interlink Resources. You can read more about them by going to http://www.interlinkresources.org/. I have spent time in Taraz, and I know what a well-respected organization Interlink has been for many years now. They work with numerous orphanages in the Taraz region, and the orphanages are constantly in need of new money to meet even their most basic needs. I have always wanted to use our money and time to do WHAT IS NEEDED MOST in each situation. The local people of each location know their children, their needs, and their problems, better than we ever could. So "Jim's Projects" idea is to let them tell us what is most needed, and we will proceed from there. Never to tell what we will do to help, but always to ask what would be of greatest benefit to them and their kids. That is the way I desire to do all of our work everywhere we go. It seems like the most logical and intelligent way to make the most of every dollar that is spent.

In Vietnam: Once again we will be helping the children in the orphanages in the northern sections of Vietnam. My assistant and "co-director" there will be a young woman named Linh Truong, who graduated with a degree in “International Relations” from the University of Hanoi. She is a graduate of the highly-respected "Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam" (the DAV) in Hanoi, and she has now received her master's degree in "Public Policy" from the East Anglia University in Norwich, England. She is a wonderful, kind-hearted person, and now a highly qualified co-worker on all of this, as well. Together we will do our best to bring help and comfort to the children of her country, where war brought so much pain and suffering in the past. We cannot change what happened years ago, but we can improve the future for many who live there today. That is what we will do as we complete our projects in the Hanoi and northern Vietnam areas. There are many orphanages in northern Vietnam, and many birth-defects are still sadly being experienced due to "agent orange" that was spread in the millions of gallons during the Vietnam War. Many of these children are abandoned or left at the orphanages by parents who simply do not have the ability to care for them. These are the little ones we hope to help the most. As an American, and just as a caring human being, I believe they need our love, assistance, and compassion in any way we can bring it to them.

In Nepal: The Himalayan Cataract Project is a wonderful program run by dedicated eye ssurgeons who truly give people their lives back, by restoring sight to the elderly people of some of the poorest, and most remote locations on earth. Please see more about them at http://www.cureblindness.org/. The “treks” they take into these remote regions where they do this amazing work, are called “Eye Camps.” In one Eye Camp the doctors may restore the sight to as many as 200 people in just 2-3 days! It is as close to a genuine “miracle” as anything I have ever seen in this world. We at "Jim's Projects" wish to help fund as many Eye Camps as possible over the coming years. If you see what they do to help people, I know you will agree what a wonderful thing they do to help those in such great need. And they do it all for free. Amazing. 

In Indonesia: My assistant for our work in Indonesia will be a young woman by the name of Suni Winata. Suni lives in the City of Jakarta with her baby girl, Eugenia, who just turned 6-years-old. Suni did her college thesis on the “Orphanages of the Island of Java", where Jakarta is located. This is her area of expertise, and she will be a huge help to us in all of our work there. She already knows many of the orphanage directors, and she has lived her entire life in Indonesia. We will meet with the local orphanage directors and discuss what they can most benefit from for their children, and then immediately begin the work of making those things happen, as soon as we have the funding to do so. I want the orphanage directors of these facilities to tell us what is most important and needed for their children. By doing it this way, I feel every dollar will be spent to maximum advantage. Money is too hard to come by in this world! We cannot afford to waste a single dollar.