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A Message from Jim                                           

For many years I have hoped and prayed that I would be able to start an organization like “Jim's Projects.” My main inspiration has always been Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She was such a tiny woman, and yet she had such an amazing “presence” in this world. People said that when she entered a room, the whole “energy” of the room instantly changed. I was lucky enough to receive two personal letters from her before she passed on in 1997. I love having those letters here in my office with me even now, in 2015, so many years later. I look at them everyday, and they have always inspired me to do what I am now striving to accomplish with “Jim's Projects.” One of the lines in Mother Teresa’s first letter said, “May you always have the joy of sharing with others. Through it, God’s love for His people is made known.” That one simple line has been a huge influence in my life. She wrote that letter to me in 1992, and even today, I am working daily to make all of this a reality.

The entire purpose of “Jim's Projects” is actually very simple. To help people where we can, and how we can. No, we will never “change the world.” That should never be anyone’s goal anyway. Help one person at a time, with whatever you can help them with. That was Mother Teresa’s philosophy. So that is certainly good enough for me too. If you see someone who has no shoes, give them some shoes. If you see someone who is hungry, give them the food they need to feel contented again. Identify the person's need, and help them with it!  As I said, it's really very simple.

My main goal in forming this organization is to help as many people as possible with whatever we have to work with. The most heart-wrenching problem will always be deciding where to direct the money, and to whom. There are so many who need help, and so many who are truly deserving of that help. But when the funds are limited, a decision must always be made as to specifically who will get the assistance. That is the most difficult part of all. No matter how many happy faces you will see walking away from you, there will always be even more who must return home wondering, “Why not ME?” Sadly there will never be an answer to that question. So we must just do the best with what we have, and try to help those that we can. But it will never be an easy thing to deal with, and it will never seem like we did enough.

The children in the orphanages will always hold a special place for me. I was blessed to have a wonderful loving family to grow up with, and all that I ever needed. But these equally good, and equally intelligent children in the orphanages have had to start their young lives with so very little. What a sad and difficult way to start your life, you know? It’s tough enough when you have everything that you need, and a good loving mother and father to give you all the love and advise that you look for whenever you need it. Even then, life can be very difficult in this world. So I think these kids deserve a special “helping hand” in every way that we can assist them.

Linh Truong, from Hanoi, will be my primary assistant and "co-director" as we strive to make all of these projects come to life across Asia. Linh has an excellent background for such work, with a college degree in "International Relations", she is a graduate of the prestigious "Diplomatic Acadamy of Vietnam" (the DAV) in Hanoi, and now has completed her master's degree in "Public Policy" from the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, England. So she is highly qualified for the work we will be doing. She returned to Hanoi in 2014 and is now eagerly awaiting that all we can accomplish together in the times to come. And we both desire to help the orphanage children, in all of the different locations, most of all. 

But there are people of all ages, and all backgrounds, who “Jim's Projects” desires to help. I hope you will now see fit to help us in every way that you can too. None of us knows how much time we have left in this world. Together let's move forward to make the most of every moment. Let's do it for ourselves, and for all the smiling faces we can create, through our combined efforts together. What better feeling could you possibly have than to see those little smiling faces and happy, laughing voices, that you helped to make happen? If you took the time to read this far into the website, I believe I already know what kind of person you are. And I believe you will know exactly what I am talking about. Let's not waste one more precious moment.

Thanks for caring! 

Jim Whitcomb, Founder and Director of “Jim's Projects”

mailto: jsw147@hotmail.com